Walk Up Low Cost Condominium for Sale in Bayanihan Flats Mactan Cebu Philippines

The Bayanihan Flats is one of a kind vertical development condominium for sale in Cebu that gives the most unique payment plan ever. This is a pre-selling project of RDAK but actually the units are all ready for occupancy (RFO).


Bayanihan Flats allows you to move in or live in the unit after you pay the reservation and the move in fees only. The best deal in the market is here and you should not let this opportunity pass. Become a homeowner through its PUYO DAYON option plan!


This is the only deal I’ve heard of that allows you to live in your purchased condo even if you haven’t started yet the equity payments. To live or move in or transfer to your new home only requires payment of the reservation and move in fee.


Zero downpayment and PUYO DAYON! Move in NOW and make the monthly payments later.

Message Shirley Chio 0917 555 0601 (Also on WhatsApp & FB Messenger)


Just want to say hello to those who are still renting in or near the Mactan Island. With this payment scheme, you do not need to rent anymore and wait until you’ve paid in full to be able to live in your purchased condo like what most developers practiced here in Cebu.


With the Bayanihan Flats, you make the purchase, pay the reservation and move in any time after paying the additional fee. All in your own pace, not theirs! No pressure on your part.


Location: Abuno Pajac Road, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu Philippines

Near to

7 km from Mactan Island Convention Center

6 km from Hoops Dome

9km from 10,000 Roses

0.7km from Metro Supermarket

0.7km from Maribago Public Market

0.8km from Tarmong Café Bar

0.8km from McDonalds

12 mins drive to Gaisano Grand Mall Mactan

20 min drive to Lapu Lapu City Hall

20 min drive to Magellan Shrine

29 min drive to Mactan Cebu International Airport (2.8km)



The developer offers two types of units only, namely the single flat and the double flat. The Single Flat has a floor area of 18.62sqm while the Double Flat has a floor area of 37.24sqm.


Single Flat

Floor area is 18.62 sqm and the price range is from P1.1 to P1.2million. Reservation fee is P5k. The move in fee is only P30k. Monthly equity ranges from P7,880 to P9,880 for 12 months.


The total contract price is inclusive of the reservation, move in fee and transfer charges. Remaining balance is payable through Pagibig or bank loan or in house financing.




Double Flat

Floor area is 37.24sqm and the price range is from P2.2 to P2.5million. Reservation fee is P7,500. The move in fee is P45k. Monthly equity ranges from P15,760 to P19,760 for 12 months.


The total contract price is inclusive of the reservation, move in fee and transfer charges. Remaining balance is payable through Pagibig or bank loan or in house financing.



PUYO DAYON No Downpayment Scheme

Message Shirley Chio 0917 555 0601 (Also on WhatsApp & FB Messenger)

Designed for Filipinos and workers in or near the Mactan Cebu area with limited income and who cannot afford to pay the down payment or monthly amortization while renting at the same time (during the equity installment period), the PUYO DAYON No Down Payment plan allows people to own and move in to their purchased unit right after paying the move in fee.


Instead of renting, you can very well use the rental money paying your equity installment. Indeed, the wisest plan offered to help you manage and budget your income against your expenses easily!


The low cost vertical development payment terms are within reach for households with combined income of at least P30k. If you are working in Mactan and are renting, take time to consider buying your home now.


Key shelter agencies classify housing depending on the prices. Socialized housing units are from 450,000 pesos and below, economic housing units are from 450,000 to 1.25 million pesos, and Low-cost ranges from 1.25 million to 3 million pesos.


Meanwhile, medium-cost and open-market units would be 3 million to 4 million pesos and above, respectively. Bayanihan Flats, with the cost of a unit ranging from 1.2 million to 2.6 million pesos, is within the economic to the low-cost range.


Because of the Puyo Dayon payment scheme, the development does not require a downpayment, nor the industry-standard 20% of the entire contract price, to be settled before turnover. Before interested tenants move in, they only need to pay the reservation and move-in fees which total to 35,000 pesos.


The rest of the balance can be fulfilled by an in-house contract or a bank/Pag-Ibig amortization, for as low as P7,880 pesos. This is a comfortable range for households earning P20 to P30k pesos a month.




Vinyl floor, painted walls and ceiling, kitchen base cabinet with countertop, provision for internet and cable TV, finished toilet and bath with lavatory and shower.


Teaming with architectural details using modest materials, the Bayanihan Flats sets the tone for local low cost housing. Windows promote the efficient use of energy.


One of the main features of the structures is energy efficiency where the building staircase utilizes natural light at daytime. Each floor is bookended by double flats which have a set of bedroom windows facing the corridor.


Furnished with modern affordances and finished in an inviting color palette, the living area of the double flat model unit allows future tenants to visualize their own units.


The master bedroom of the double flat unit has 2 large windows and a door to the balcony, thus providing the room a very good cross ventilation.



Security is a top feature with all the buildings equipped with RFID access. The building’s main entrance is located at the base of a stairwell fully ventilated by vertical grilles powder-coated to look like timber.


Horizontal grilles in front of the windows buffer sunlight in the landings. The finishes in the circulations area are spartan and hard-wearing such as raw concrete steps and floors, steel railings, and exposed pipes that they painted red.



All reasonable decisions were made to help keep the costs low so it would become affordable for locals with average to low income. The corridors do not make use of any air-conditioning and rely on natural air circulating from the stairwell to the fire exits at the end of the hall.


Low cost housing doesn’t mean they have to look cheap. All units come with a small balcony for additional ventilation and utilities. The bedrooms facing the corridor have operable windows to utilize the natural light streaming into the space from each access point.






Another key move was to raise the ceilings from 2.7 to 3.0 meters in order to accommodate bunk beds and create bigger spaces.


To further help the potential homeowners, the showroom created space saving furniture that you can order. The styling of each unit gives homeowners ideas on how they can maximize the use of their space functionally and aesthetically, even on a small budget.


Bayanihan Flats offer four layouts: a double flat for a family, a single flat for a single user, and two single flats for sharing. The developers are changing the landscape of low cost housing vertical developments from pain in the ass struggle to relaxed move in PUYO DAYON payment plan!





The Bayanihan Flats consists of 6 walk up condo buildings with 4 floor levels each and retail units on first 2 floors. Provides street lighting, 24/7 security, parking, clubhouse and pool, pocket parks and greens, commercial area, gated community.


The pocket gardens are situated in between the buildings to offer the tenants a refreshing patch of greens. They also beautifully offset the modern grills on the balconies.



Pets are not allowed.



Free private parking is possible and may not require reservations.  **Subject to change of admin policy.


This smoke-free condo features a snack bar/deli, express check-out and tour/ticket assistance.


Condo dues

Single flat is P700 per month. Double flat is P1,400 per month.




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