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Simplify fun and enjoy life when you fish and play at the D’Pond Family Fun Fishing restaurant & fishery located in Liloan Cebu Philippines. The fishery restaurant has been putting together a festive menu of activities any one would find entertaining and help create fun memories meant to last a lifetime. Just come visit and relax – fish, laugh, fly high with the zipline or get your kids on a boat ride together! Take live videos as long as you can and as long as you got battery on your phone. Get more excited knowing that the fiber internet WiFi access is free in all cottages not to mention the free parking and entrance.


Time to re-invent a classic! The seafood market is right at the water in front of you. Actually, it is the main highlight of the D’Pond fishery restaurant. You have to fish your food and request the restaurant to cook it for you. However, although fish is an excellent protein to serve because of the many ways you can cook it, but not all methods of cooking will work for every type of fish. D’Pond only sells tilapia and bangus. I mean, they are the only kind of fish they breed in the water so you may have fun catching your own food but may not be that fun imagining how you want the cooking done. Limit your cooking preparation and plans to tilapia and bangus only! Ask the restaurant for a quick hundred peso advice about how to cook your freshly caught fish.


Serving fresh catch everyday largely depends on how many and how big or small the fish you catch. Of course, it is the freshest seafood cooked your way – a fisherman’s choice! The service may sound like an eat all you can the fish you catch! You go there to simply enjoy the day and savor the flavors! This seafood fishery restaurant specializes in seafood cuisine and seafood dishes, such as fish, squid and shellfish. One can easily tell that the tasty menu and fun activities already arouses curiosity among the locals coming in for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is open everyday even on Sundays and holidays.


Cottage rentals starts from P500 for the whole day maximum of 15 people. The center cottage with a room starts from P900 a day from 8am to 8pm. The cottage with room includes 1 double sized bed and fan. Overnight stay from 6pm until 12noon the next day may cost you an additional P900. Safety maximum limit in cottage is 10 pax. Strictly no fishing is allowed after the store closes but may resume as early as 8am when the store opens the next day.


There is a party cottage near the entrance large enough to accommodate at least 60 people. Rent is P6,000 for day use from 8am to 8pm, includes chairs and tables. Great for birthdays, reunions, small company outings, barkada gatherings and family gatherings. Additional chair cost P15 each while the karaoke sound system cost P1,200. Most people who have enough courage to sing out loud in front of a crowd know how much fun it can be. There are also numerous other advantages you get from singing videoke such as helping relieve stress, build confidence and well, lets you showcase hidden talent!


Fishing/Restaurant hours: 8am to 6pm, can extend to 8pm
Bangus (milkfish): P299 per kilo
Lang-keya: P279 per kilo
Tilapia: P259 per kilo
Talaba (live oysters): P95 per kilo (cooked)
Nukos (fresh squid): P590 per kilo or P295 half kilo (cooked as calamares, adobo, or sinugba)
Fishing line and hook rental: P20
Bait/Feeds: Free, only for those fishing
Parking: Free
Entrance: Free


Fun activities offered besides fishing are the zipline ride for P99 per person and wakeboarding or tube ride. Big boat rental is P200 per hour minimum of 2 and max of 4 persons. Paddleboat rental is P200 per hour or pay P500 for an unlimited day use with under 60 kilo weight limit. Playing pool or billiard is P200 per hour or P100 for half an hour.


Location: D’Pond, Kawayanan, Yati, Liloan, Cebu Philippines
Contact number: (032) 4241750 or 09064521028 or 09156860926 or 09333369386


How to get to D’Pond
Turn right when you reach San Roque Development School. You would see the 360 pharmacy about 16km from the corner after the school. Go right at the intersection and just continue driving until you see the Vista la Playa subdivision. D’Pond is right next to the subdivision. You won’t miss it !


Virtual Walkthrough




Fishing in D’Pond Seafood Restaurant








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