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Bungalow house for sale in Cebu at Tulic Argao a few steps walk to the beach, near the highway, strategic location for a side gig restaurant business or studio rooms for rent, corner lot, fully fenced,wide cemented roads. All you have to do is renovate the place and make it a 2storey bed and breakfast haven with a restaurant at the first floor to serve overnight staying customers and the outsiders enjoying the beach beside the highway during daytime. What a great way to spend your retirement with a sea view and a small business on hand. Buying a house either to make it your primary residence or part of your real estate investment, one of the biggest factors to consider is location. Deciding to buy a house with a beach and sea view at the front a few steps to the highway can be the opportunity you have been waiting for. A main road in any town will be busy and this means a lot of cars driving passing by and people on the sidewalk. If you love hustle and bustle, this could be a big plus.


Start your own bed and breakfast business after you complete the renovation. Home additions are welcome for an old home that was built as strong as the families who had stayed there. Live the dream of being an entrepreneur in Tulic Argao. Be your own boss and be your bed and breakfast host or innkeeper. Supplement your monthly retirement income with this option, which is a rather satisfying new career and lifestyle. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and set your money to invest onto something you should have done years ago. Set your brain to work on your new life. Own it!


The sea, once it cast its spell, feels magical and relaxing but should be taken in simplicity. Staring out at the ocean can also result in a relaxing, meditative state, and can even change the frequency of brain waves to match that of the sea, putting you really in touch with nature. Just can’t get rid of the excitement and what it would be if you choose to live in that house.  Researchers have shown that sea water can increase the elasticity of the skin and improve its outer appearance. Sea water contains potassium chloride which is believed to be effective at treating and healing Psoriasis, Eczema and damaged skin. Recharge your batteries and save your sanity with a coastal retirement home.


Swimming in the sea gives you a full body workout, improves circulation, and increases your immune system function. Studies have shown that the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in seawater produce antibiotic and antibacterial effects that promote immunity. Furthermore, swimming in warm seawater activates the body’s healing mechanisms to fight conditions such as asthma, arthritis, bronchitis and inflammatory diseases, as well as common aches and pains. Sounds like a good way to live life when you are in a golden age. Research finds that spending time by the ocean is pretty good for your wellbeing. In fact, according to an analysis of English census data published in the journal Health Place, those who live by the coast report better physical and mental health than those who don’t. And in a study published in the Journal of Coastal Zone Management, participants who live in homes with ocean views report feeling calmer than those without them. The smell of the ocean breeze contributes to a soothe state, changes the brain waves, and puts you into a mild meditative state.


Lot area: 502sqm

Floor area: 169sqm + additions = 200sqm

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 3

Parking: 2

Selling price is P9.5million net, cash.

Titled: Yes, updated tax payments.


About Tulic

Tulic is a barangay in the municipality of Argao Cebu composed of the Canduran, Cancainap, and Labangon sitios. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 2,992 which represented about 3.83% of the total population of Argao. The municipality of Argao is located in the southeast of the province of Cebu at least 67km from Cebu City. It is bordered to the north by the municipality of Sibonga, to the west are the municipalities of Ronda, Alcantara and Moalboal, to the east is the Cebu Strait, and to the south is the municipality of Dalaguete. The economy of the town of Argao heavily revolves around farming, baking, and tourism. Argao is popular as the torta capital of the Cebu along its lechon baboy, production of shoes and slippers, and the chicharon.


Developer: None, constructed by owner with the help of professional architects and engineers.



House for sale in Tulic Argao Cebu PhilippinesHouse for sale in Tulic Argao Cebu PhilippinesHouse for sale in Tulic Argao Cebu PhilippinesHouse for sale in Tulic Argao Cebu Philippines



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