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Staging Home Interior Cebu San Marino

Staging is very important for owners of property for rent in Cebu. While you believe that creating an attractive rental advertising either on Facebook, Instagram or Google can get you potential tenants, actually it is just half the battle. The ads may grab their attention but the appeal of the unit when it comes to in-person rental property tours is really the single factor that has the ability to make or break any homeowners chances of signing that most awaited lease contract. It is important that you prepare the unit, not only for the photoshoots, but also stage it for the in-person viewing. Know that facilitating property tours is essential and just as crucial to paying ads for marketing leads and gaining referrals.


In the Philippines, many homeowners do not even bother to clean or at least make an effort to showcase their condominium for rent in a neat and organized way. Homeowners do not understand creating value and so they continue to show off their property without even considering how potentials clients may perceive their housing for rent in Cebu. As a rental manager, I would say that facilitating in-person rental property tours can be disappointing when you see the unit not even cleaned a day before the potential tenant scheduled viewing.


To be honest, showing your condominium for rent in the best possible light is crucial to your Cebu rental business. Tenants are very much attracted when you show some efforts staging it or simply boost curb appeal. Most tenants agree to sign a short term rental contract when the unit has been home interior designed by an architect or interior designer. Nothing turns a potential tenant away faster than a dirty and dusty condominium for rent so make sure that you remove any lingering dust a day before the viewing and don’t fail to sweep the floor an hour before the scheduled time of viewing. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions!


Sometimes, cleaning just will not do, when the condominium for rent requires some upgrades or minor repairs are a must. One of the most common upgrades landlords encounter is replacing the carpet or repainting the walls. In addition, you may benefit from updated lighting fixtures or new large mirrors and wall frame decors. These selling points literally make a huge difference in increasing the interest of the viewer. Keep in mind that prospects viewing the property are at the same time also making assumptions about the landlord, their communication promptness, how they conduct business, and how well they maintain the property. Never under estimate small seemingly insignificant things because they will leave a lasting impression on people viewing the condo for rent.


Fortunately, the owner of the San Marino Residences Cebu City condominium for rent in the 17th floor hired an interior designer to dress up the property and that includes the ceiling which more or less is the focal point you see when you enter the room. Even myself was gasping for words to say when I saw the hanging lights and the design of the ceiling. The study or computer table is facing the window with a view of the SM City mall out front. You can also see the moving clouds whenever you sit there during the day and the twinkling stars at night. The unit is clean and the bed linens are nice and elegant. Providing value to your tenants would mean creating the perfect space for them to live and along with it are the pillows and bed linens!


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Staging Home Interior Cebu San MarinoStaging Home Interior Cebu San MarinoStaging Home Interior Cebu San Marino



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