JTower Residences Condominium For Sale In Cebu Philippines

Considered as both a home and a solid financial investment, this condominium for sale in Cebu property offers a low downpayment and an extended equity installment plan with a higher resale value in an estimated period of 4 years. With the JTower Residences, you just don’t own a home when you buy a condo unit, but gained a worthwhile investment that will pay you more in the near future than what you had paid for it today.


The developer made sure your home condo ownership and investment choice will put money into your pocket and does not take money out of your pocket. As an investment property, although you are still paying the monthly amortization dues for it, your tenant can actually make those payments for you.


Putting up the unit for rental gives you a good cash flow that may even be more than what it takes to own the unit. Indeed, investing in a rental property is an excellent path to build wealth.


Do you believe that your environment plays a big role in your success? Understand that owning a property located at the heart of Mandaue, near to the JCentre Mall, has plenty of intangible benefits.


Location… location… location…


Strategic locations beside major roads and important or most visited spots in the city can give your business a huge leap! The time of dreaming about wealth and living in an ideal residence is over.


You have what it takes to start a new chapter of your life. The road to wealth, freedom and convenience must be supported by your home environment.


Your residence in this condominium offers exclusive access to its amenities plus the privilege of being in close proximity to a wide range of commercial establishments surrounding the area, such as schools and hospitals, restaurants and night life, and swimming pools just to name a few.


JTower Residences is a 40 storey luxury residential condominium and an iconic landmark strategically located and connected to the JCentre Mall in Mandaue. It will contain close to 1,300 residential units composed of the 1,200 Studio, 60 Penthouse and 14 Garden Villas.


Location: A. S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines  beside JCentre Mall.

Near to

  • JCentre Mall 350m
  • ACLC College 1.2km
  • Mandaue Public Market 1.4km
  • Ignacio General Hospital 1.5km
  • Parkmall 1.8km
  • Saint Louis College 2.2km
  • University of Cebu Medical Center 2.5km
  • University of Cebu – Mandaue 3.1km
  • SM City Cebu 4.0km
  • Ayala Center Cebu 4.7km
  • Cebu IT Park 4.8km
  • Mactan Cebu International Airport 7.8km


Land area: 5,672sqm

Number of tower: 1

Built year:

Turnover date:

Parking: 465 slots


Message Shirley Chio +63 917 555 0601 (also in WhatsApp & Messenger) for questions, property viewing, preparation of requirements, reservation and purchase at no cost to you.


Public transportation

Access to traffic and local transportation is everything. JCentre Mall has terminals with routes bound for Mactan, MEPZA, Tamiya and Parkmall. It also has taxi stand and a jeepney commute parking at the front bound for Talamban, USC school, Foodland, Mercado, Consolacion, Liloan and many more.


Business Opportunity

Rentals provide the Return of Investment as early as possible. The Leasing Department will surely manage your unit on Rentals.


Spell convenience

JTower gives you a modern standard condominium living with all the necessary amenities plus rentals potential that can provide the return on investment as early as possible. Gives you the privilege only a few projects can provide – your direct access to important government offices.


Renew your driver’s license or transact early at the immigration office. No worries. Just push that elevator button and get there before others will!


This high rise development highlights unlimited access to Gold’s Gym and Sky Waterpark and also boasts of its just a push of an elevator proximity to the SM supermarket, government agencies (LTO, Immigration, Pagibig + more), telecom, banking, dining and shopping.


Why rent if you can own?

If you are an expat or a professional renting a place in Cebu City or in Mandaue City, you would be spending at least P15,000 to P20,000 per month just for the rent alone. Whereas, if you buy a unit in JTower condominium in Mandaue, it would cost you only P9,198.05 per month.


JTower Residences is truly a great investment portfolio addition that offers a lower down payment and longer equity installment term of 48 months at a preselling rate. However, this won’t last long. If you won’t invest now, then you would suffer additional multiple flips of your thousand peso after the preselling stage is gone.


I understand that in the real world, people like us who belong to the average income earners, particularly in the middle stages of our lives, may have little or no spare cash. As your business assistant, I would say that buying a condominium for sale in Cebu, especially during the preselling stage, gives you much affordable monthly downpayment through longer equity installment payments.


It is important that you start your investment portfolio right the first time. All we need to do is make ends meet today, with the expense of our children and our day to day cost of living.


For us whose income stretches only as far as the monthly equity or mortgage repayments, we must consider the true yield of our planned investment. We must take some time to review our personal cash position before deciding to take the plunge.


Because few people have actual cash lump sums to invest, the developer of JTower Residences allowed the equity to be paid in staggered 48 months. However, this is only during the preselling stage which would soon end. When the construction starts it is not preselling anymore and the prices are most likely to go up.


This gives you some sense of control over your finances without any pressure. After 4 years, you are given easy access to financing, with banks or Pagibig loan, if you do not want to pay the whole amount in cash.


Admit it…


Failed property investments almost always relate more to the failure of the investor to use efficient purchasing strategies and carry out the requisite amount of due diligence rather than the failure of the property itself to deliver sound yields.


A negative mindset won’t help you build wealth! What you think becomes your reality. When you think you cannot afford to buy a condominium for sale in Cebu, you really cannot do it.


Stop thinking that way and change your mindset asap or you won’t go anywhere. With the expanding middle class and the improving buying power among Filipinos, you do not want to be left out, right?


The real market sector growth is seen to make stable stride in the next 20 years based on the promising outlook and market analysis for the real estate condition in Cebu. The explosion seems to be fueled by the Chinese investors coming from China, Koreans and international students.


The JTower Residences already sold over 50% of its condo units. Regardless of price adjustments, you should grab the chance to own a condominium unit rather than commuting daily from the nearby towns to the city, while it is still in preselling.


Why JTower?

If you are thinking about buying a home, but works in the city, I guess we all know that it is just not possible, unless you were born in a silver plate. The cost per square meter in the city is very high and is not friendly to the average income earning population.


Buying a condominium unit can be cheaper than purchasing single family homes.


One glimpse. One look at the amenities that J Tower Residences offers is reason enough why it is more practical and affordable to buy a condominium in the city.


Consider the amenities. They do not just pop up and appear in any way in any single home. They are too expensive to construct and maintain for a single household, but they become much more affordable when shared by a community, such as the list of benefits you gain when you buy a unit in JTower Residences.


Building features

  • 8 high speed elevators
  • 1 service elevator
  • 100% backup power
  • Automatic transfer system (ATS)
  • 24 hours security
  • Connecting bridge to JCentre Mall
  • Helipad
  • Fire detection & alarm system
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Property management



  • Access to Sky Waterpark
  • Access to Gold’s Gym
  • Infinity Pool
  • Jogging Path & Zen Garden
  • Infinity Pool
  • SM Supermarket
  • Cinema


Deliverables & provisions

  • Painted walls
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Kitchen countertop
  • Tiled T&B
  • Water closet
  • Balcony slide
  • 2 Downlights
  • 4 Electric outlet
  • Smoke detector
  • Sprinkler
  • Split type AC


JTower Residences Condominium for Sale in Cebu


JTower Residences Condominium for Sale in Cebu


JTower Residences Condominium for Sale in Cebu


Message Shirley Chio +63 917 555 0601 (also in WhatsApp & Messenger) for questions, property viewing, preparation of requirements, reservation and purchase at no cost to you.


The J Tower Residences condominium is the most feasible alternative that allows you to enjoy the lifestyle you want at a fraction of the cost. Am I right?


Where the mortgage payments are almost the same as your rental cost or sometimes, lower than your rental cost in the city in the case of preselling, you may also want to consider its rental potential plus the rise in value in about 4 years.


In 4 years, you will complete your equity installment. Also, in 4 years, because of its location being a commercial hub, its value goes up. Definitely a great investment for middle income or average earners, especially the overseas Filipino workers or OFWs.


Just think about it. There is a big possibility that your rental income, especially if during the high season, may pay or offset your 80% remaining balance.


Why? Because there are many international students wanting to rent a place where they can enjoy the amenities I just listed.


You are not even responsible for the maintenance of the building’s common areas. Something else, don’t have a car and just want to use the public transportation?


Just go right to the back or the front of the JCentre Mall and you have all the options you can get in a place near to everything you need to go!


Once you realize and decide this is the best for you, let’s meet and start with the requirements. It’s already over 50% sold, but we still can accommodate you in the higher levels. Don’t worry the tower got elevators.


Is JTower worth your money?

Because this preselling condominium offers unlimited access to the Sky Waterpark, Gold’s Gym, Shops and Spas, you can say that this tower gives you the privilege of running a life that meets lifestyle!


The location is considered as a business commercial hub. This means you can experience the luxury lifestyle you desire while you get on your entrepreneurial side downstairs at the JCentre Mall.




Reservation fee:


1 Bedroom


Reservation fee:


2 Bedrooms


Reservation fee:


3 Bedrooms


Reservation fee:



Garden Villa


Meetups for closing deals are very common nowadays and you can do it right there without having to battle city traffic or waste gas and your precious time!


Requirements you need to submit right after the reservation date are

  • TIN Verification (You can request me to get it for you, but you need to send the Special Power of Attorney)
  • Proof of Billing
  • Proof of Income
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Signed Final Quotation Sheet
  • Post Dated Checks for the equity installment in 48 months (4 years, so 48 checks)


If you are not an individual, please call me 0917 555 0601. Corporations have a different set of requirements.



JIPROP Development Corporation. Mr. Justin Uy, the owner of JPark Island Resort and JCentre Mall.


JTower Residences Model Unit Showroom


To give you an idea of its strategic location and amenities


Message Shirley Chio +63 917 555 0601 (also in WhatsApp & Messenger) for questions, property viewing, preparation of requirements, reservation and purchase at no cost to you.

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