Cebu Eats – Tess Lechon Opened a New Branch in Consolacion Cebu with Best Tasting Lechon Baboy Recipe Plus Other Meal Add-Ons | Shirley Chio

No matter what you eat or where you are, food is definitely more than just a means to stave off hunger and Tess Lechon understood this culture pretty much! A few months ago, Tess Lechon opened its new branch along the highway and a walk from the SM City Mall in Consolacion Cebu. This Filipino restaurant offers one of the traditional, crispiest and delicious lechon baboy in town with other Pinoy dishes like pancit, bam-i, dinuguan, lechon paksiw and much more. Not to be let down but food was very tasty. They have a large variety of dishes for you to enjoy lunch or dinner. Highly recommend this kitchen for a quick bite especially if you are traveling from the city and you hear your stomach growling.


Even if you don’t eat a lot, you would surely load up yourself with their other Filipino dishes such as the lumpia, pancit, sisig and juicy adobo! Much to the delight of the customers, the Tess Lechon Pinoy restaurant offers an authentic lechon baboy Cebu recipe that is very delicious, satisfying, juicy yet crispy. People celebrating fiestas, birthdays, graduations, beach family gatherings or even small business conferences are never complete without the crispy skin and juicy succulent meat of the traditionally cooked lechon baboy. Service of this Filipino Food Restaurant is very friendly.


What makes the lechon baboy so remarkable tasty? It’s all because of the stuffing. Chef puts in a whole array of ingredients into the stomach of the pig. Depending on what your mood takes you, the stuffing is usually a combination of vegetables and herbs or sometimes putting in there a complete boodle fight recipe. Lemongrass can be used in bundles or smashed to release its citrusy aroma. Stuffing can be like putting almost just anything inside the stomach such as the leeks, scallions, chives and shallots including garlic, which they often crushed or just put in cloves. Bay leaves and star anise give the dish a richer taste, while tamarind leaves help keep the pig’s shape. After the pig has been stuffed, its belly is sewn with a kitchen twine to keep the stuffing firmly in place during cooking. You may keep or discard the stuffing after cooking!


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Tess Lechon Baboy in Consolacion Cebu PhilippinesTess Lechon Baboy in Consolacion Cebu PhilippinesTess Lechon Baboy in Consolacion Cebu PhilippinesTess Lechon Baboy in Consolacion Cebu Philippines



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