Cebu Resorts – The Cascades Nature Park in Compostela Cebu Philippines Gives Good Water Features Lagoon and Swimming Pool for Adult and Kids Local Family Outings | Shirley Chio

The Cascades Nature Park Compostela Cebu Philippines

The Cascades Nature Park is a combination of a park with scenic natural landscapes and a resort with large ground swimming pool designed to serve local family outings, picnics and small gatherings. It is practically the current largest outdoor venue for any special events that offers boating in a large man made lake with fish. If you don’t want to row, you can just sit down at the side and spend some quiet time while watching others enjoy theirs. Another exciting way to collect moments at the park is using the lagoon as background and venue for wedding photoshoots. I am sure anyone seeing the amazing results of the images will try to mimic the idea. Actually, guests who happened to pass by often stop, stare in amazement and watch these people do their thing. The park had its soft opening last September 15 2020.


The man made lagoon has a lovely 285 meter footpath that surrounds the lake and circles the unique island created in the middle of the lake. Because of the variety of unnamed thick outdoor decor plants around it and also because the water of the lake is not flowing, you need to make sure you don’t get bitten by the mosquitoes out there! The unique island is great for officiating a wedding ceremony, concert or used as a perfect stage for any performance while the bridge is great for photoshoots and taking personal selfies. The beautifully designed bridge connects to the island and helps you cross over as well as see people enjoying their boat rides. Several cabanas and casitas were strategically built around the lake so guests can sit around and enjoy the quiet experience and view of the lake.


Imagine the flawless picture moments as light from the fireworks reflect on the perfectly still water especially if you hold your event from day time until dusk. It sure can make your dream event a success with its green touch. You can even go fishing in the lake or rent out a kayak, paddle board, canoe or a pedal boat. Proud to say that its 600-square meter swimming pool is one of the largest pools in Cebu. Kids would be delighted to know that the resort has plenty of open spaces or open fields for them to play. Actually, the property is over 6 hectares in size so just go there and do anything that can make your day an awesome one!


The Cascades Nature Park recently opened the Kusina Juan catering services last August 31 2021 inside the Cascades. Food would now be served inside the park by the Kusina Juan. If you hate cooking and don’t want being interrupted while swimming at the pool, you can easily order ahead and tell them the time you want it served. Sometimes, eating the menu served by catering services are much better than cooking on your own in any events.


Location: St. Francis Subdivision, Barangay Magay, Compostela, Cebu Philippines


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The Cascades Nature Park Compostela Cebu PhilippinesThe Cascades Nature Park Compostela Cebu PhilippinesThe Cascades Nature Park Compostela Cebu PhilippinesThe Cascades Nature Park Compostela Cebu PhilippinesThe Cascades Nature Park Compostela Cebu Philippines


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